Riding in balance on your first lesson. Dude ranch operator Shawn Gannon explains his system for teaching newbies to ride.

2/20/16 hour 1

Celebrities tell about their favorite horses. Writer Vaughn Wilson shares stories of famous people and what their horses mean to them.

2/20/16 hour 2

Avoiding extremes in training your horse. Clinton Anderson explains how to find the middle ground between being too rough and too gentle with your horse.

2/13/16 hour 1

Earl Sande, Triple Crown winner. Author Richard Maturi shares the story of a Depression-era phenomenon who has been all but forgotten.

2/13/16 hour 2

Understanding the horsemanship of Monte Foreman. Foreman protégé and coauthor Patrick Wyse explains the Basic Handle and the Balanced Ride saddle, two of Monte’s most important contributions.

2/6/16 hour 1

Teaching your horse self-control; picking a gaited horse. Matt Sheridan shares his approach to calming an excitable horse; TWH trainer Dennis Pennington offers tips on selecting your first gaited horse.

2/6/16 hour 2

Keeping your head in the game. Former mounted police officer and self-defense expert Scot Hansen shares his thoughts on staying safe when trail riding.

1/30/16 hour 1

Origins of the Wade tree saddle. Roger Allgeier of Brighton Feed & Saddlery explains how the saddle design popularized by Ray Hunt came about; Patty Stiller introduces the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization.

1/30/16 hour 2

American Bashkir Curly Horse. Barbara Carroll and Brandon Bennett introduce Rick to an unusual hypoallergenic horse breed; champion roper Kerry Kuhn talks about colt-starting contests.

1/23/16 hour 1

Turvey horse stunts. Renowned trick rider and trainer Tommie Turvey and his wife Chantal share stories of their movie work; Dr. Chris Blevins of Kansas State talks about the university’s vet program.

1/23/16 hour 2

Teaching ground manners to your horse. Julie Goodnight explains how to establish respect from the ground.

1/16/16 hour 1

Catching the hard-to-catch horse; starting a horse on cows.  Julie Goodnight shares her methods for catching a horse in a large pasture and modifying aggressive behavior; Troy Rogers explains how to start a horse on cattle.

1/16/16 hour 2

Richards Winters on becoming a horseman; mounted search and rescue. Cow horse champ and natural horseman Richard Winters shares his thoughts on the journey; Bob Eikenberry explains how horses are being used to find hikers lost in the wilds of northern Georgia.

1/9/16 hour 1

Equine rehab; high school rodeo. David Doutrich reveals how new technology helps equine athletes recover from injuries; Scooter Vaughn and Bub Bowman go behind the scenes of high school rodeo.

1/9/16 hour 2

Natural horsemanship for gaited horses. Former show horse champ Larry Whitesell explains how he applies the principles of natural horsemanship to gaited horses.

1/2/16 hour 1

Ronnie Willis on natural horse training and management. One of Pat Parelli’s most important mentors opens up in a rare interview recorded less than a year before his death.

1/2/16 hour 2

Remembering Ray Hunt. Texas horseman and Ray Hunt student Bill Muncaster shares memories and insights from the natural horseman’s final years.

12/26/15 hour 1

Can you erase your horse’s negative memories? Sivia Gold believes she has a technique for eliminating a horse’s bad memories at the cellular level but Rick isn’t convinced.

12/26/15 hour 2

Horse training with clickers, targets, and treats. Former marine mammal trainer Shawna Karrasch explains how the clicker, target, and food reward can facilitate behavior modification in horses.

12/19/15 hour 1

Dunning and Avila get personal. Champion Quarter Horse showmen Al Dunning and Bob Avila reminisce about their 30+ years of friendly rivalry; Randy Lewis and Mark Bukowski introduce the Working Ranch Cowboys Association.

12/19/15 hour 2

Neutral pelvis. Peggy Cummings of Connected Riding fame explains how keeping the pelvis in a flexible, neutral state promotes riding in harmony.

12/12/15 hour 1

Handling equine patients. Veterinarian Robert M. Miller offers tips for safely conducting simple veterinary procedures, including injections.

12/12/15 hour 2

Hackamore training. Modern-day Oregon vaquero R.E. Smith describes this multi-year training process that bypasses the snaffle bit entirely.

12/5/15 hour 1

Pin-firing and blistering. Dr. Linda Schultz explains how modern tendon and ligament treatments differ from those of the past; Dr. Dan Moore introduces holistic hoof care.

12/5/15 hour 2

Sally Swift on Centered Riding. A rare 1997 interview in which Sally talks about her life and explains CR concepts such as visualization, soft eyes, and the physiology of horse and rider.

11/28/15 hour 1

Haythorn Land & Cattle Company. Documentarian Lisa Norman tells the five-generation story of this iconic American ranch where everything is still done with horses; Cynthia Williams discusses horse cremation.

11/28/15 hour 2

Clicker Training update – part 1. Alexandra Kurland reports on the seeker circuit and microshaping of behavior.

11/21/15 hour 1

Clicker Training update – part 2; insulin resistance and laminitis.  Alexandra Kurland reports on poisoned cues and teaching with acoustical guidance (T.A.G.) in Clicker Training; Dr. Frank Reilly explains the connection between diet and hoof health.

11/21/15 hour 2

Balance in horse and rider using Centered Riding. Centered Riding instructor Donna Snyder-Smith shares thoughts on achieving balance while riding; Kathy and Doug Vouchell talk about their lives as horsemanship clinicians and parents of eight kids.

11/14/15 hour 1

Interchangeable driving bits. Sheila Grange and Kevin Paul offer their thoughts on training driving horses and the innovative bit system they have designed; Jeff Blake talks about riding mules in Colorado.

11/14/15 hour 2

Women’s polo; Buckeroo Leather. Nancy Louie reports on how women are going mallet to mallet with men on the polo field; John Brand talks about leather products for the buckaroo and vaquero enthusiast.

11/7/15 hour 1

Discomfort and behavior; horses of Iran. Jeff Spencer talks about teaching horsemanship to women and how physical discomfort affects a horse’s behavior; Victoria Tollman shares the plight of the endangered Caspian Horse of Iran.

11/7/15 hour 2

Using lighter cues with horses. Michael Gonzales shares his "less is more" approach to training horses. 10/31/15 hour 1

Remembering Monte Foreman. Anessa Warren explains what drew her to the work of the groundbreaking horseman; Dr. Sherry Ackerman waxes philosophical on dressage.

10/31/15 hour 2

An unusual way of starting colts. Mike Ross explains how he trains multiple young horses at the same time in the same space.

10/24/15 hour 1

Birdie theory; conformation and performance. Dr. Deb Bennett talks about a horse’s attention, how we recognize where it is focused, and how we can use the information; the effect of conformation on performance.

10/24/15 hour 2

Mustangs on a missile range; praising your horse. Dr. Don Höglund reveals what went into relocating the wild herd of White Sands; Bob Johnson offers tips on why, when and how to praise your horse.

10/17/15 hour 1

Why Tommy Garland shows Arabian horses; Chinese herbs and acupuncture for horses. The superstar show horse trainer opens up about Arabians and competing at Road to the Horse; Gloria Garland explains how our horses can benefit from alternative therapies.

10/17/15 hour 2

The Gene Autry you don’t know, part 1. Autry biographer Holly George Warren shares the back story of the iconic singing cowboy and visionary. Part 1 of 2.

10/10/15 hour 1

The Gene Autry you don’t know, part 2. How American humorist Will Rogers figured into Autry’s career, Autry’s relationship with Roy Rogers, and Autry’s uncanny ability to predict how entertainment would evolve. Part 2 of 2 with author Holly George Warren. Also in this program, Zen and horsemanship with martial artist Tom Nagel.

10/10/15 hour 2

Legal self-defense for horse owners. Attorney and eventer Katy Bloomquist offers tips for avoiding lawsuits; dressage legend Kay Meredith talks about her life.

10/3/15 hour 1

California horseman Ezra Marrow. Marrow shares his training philosophy and interest in therapeutic horsemanship; Susan Favro introduces Coldflex cold therapy for horses.

10/3/15 hour 2

How to buy a mule. Mule trainer Steve Edwards dispels myths surrounding long-eared equines and offers buying tips.

9/26/15 hour 1

Wild horse hoof study. Innovative farrier Gene Ovnicek reveals what was learned about natural hoof wear in his early wild horse study.

9/26/15 hour 2

CSI saddlepad; sticky riding pants; Andrea Fappani. Donna Helms explains the technology behind her innovative saddlepad; San Anderson introduces Sticky Seat riding pants; reining superstar Andrea Fappani talks about his career and plans.

9/19/15 hour 1

Understanding Arabian horses; stock contracting for rodeo. Veteran trainer Terry Leek addresses common misconceptions about Arabian horses; Mike Johnson shares how rodeo animals are really treated.

9/19/15 hour 2

Natural horsemanship and classical riding; NH in Switzerland. Cutting horse champ and jumping instructor Lester Buckley compares and contrasts NH and classical dressage; Parelli instructor Adrian Heinen talks about attitudes in his native Switzerland. 9/12/15 hour 1

Dancing horse show; California system of bridling. Showman Al Ragusin reveals the training behind his dancing horse show; Peter Campbell explains the progression from hackamore to full bridle as practiced by California vaqueros.

9/12/15 hour 2

Chris Cox on groundwork. Clinician Chris Cox explains how groundwork fits into his program and why he prefers an open arena to a round pen.

9/5/15 hour 1

Horsemanship for ropers. Veteran team roper Kerry Kuhn shares five ways to improve performance through better horsemanship; Chris Cox fields questions from an expo audience.

9/5/15 hour 2

Shrooms for horses; Norco mustang trainers. Dr. Marvin Hausman sings the praises of Equisano, a mushroom product for horses; Ray Ariss and Bob Mundy explain how they prepared mustangs for the Extreme Mustang Makeover.

8/29/15 hour 1

Strengthening your riding muscles; what’s to love about Centered Riding. Dr. Jim Warner reveals his unusual approach to working your core muscles; Judith Cross-Strehlke shares the principles and benefits of Sally Swift’s Centered Riding.

8/29/15 hour 2

Equine-assisted psychotherapy; lost and stolen horses. Horseman and psychotherapist Michael Dawson explains how horses can aid in emotional healing; Debi Metcalfe shares how Stolen Horse International is locating lost and stolen horses and holding thieves accountable.

8/22/15 hour 1

LifeWave skin patch for horses; holographic technology. George Hoagland claims the LifeWave skin patch increases energy and reduces pain in horses; Clint Walker claims holographic wrist bands increase balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance in riders. Are these legitimate products? Listen and decide for yourself.

8/22/15 hour 2

Horse training tools; buffalo hunting before and after horses. Charles Wilhelm opines on the proper use of tools in training and riding horses; historian Linda Little Wolf discusses the cultural shift that horses produced among Plains Indians.

8/15/15 hour 1

Conditioning for horse and rider; rain gear, bit accessories, plus-size riding clothes. Jec Ballou on equine and equestrian fitness; Nancy Swearengin on riding raincoats; Kathy Johnson on Lickity Bits fun accessories, Apryl Ballard on apparel for curvy cowgirls.

8/15/15 hour 2

Tips for hunters and jumpers; equine heart rate monitor. Anna Jane White-Mullen offers suggestions for getting started riding hunters and jumpers in competition; Chris Wentworth introduces heart rate monitors for horses.

8/8/15 hour 1

The horsemanship revolution; gaited horses and NH. Rick provides an overview of why the revolution in horsemanship happened; top Parelli instructor David Lichman explains how gaited horses fit into the Parelli program.

8/8/15 hour 2

Wild ride; Equitrekking. Trish Wild shares her plan for a 10,000 mile solo ride from the United States to Argentina; Darley Newman and Chip Ward of PBS’s Equitrekking describe what happens when they immerse themselves in the horse cultures of other countries.

8/1/15 hour 1

Extreme cowboy; new science in hoof care.

Craig Cameron discusses the past and future of his Extreme Cowboy Race and tips his hat to mentor Ray Hunt; K.C. LaPierre unveils new thinking about care of hooves.

8/1/15 hour 2

Natural light and ventilation in horse barns; mounted officers clean up L.A. parks. Award-winning equine architect John Blackburn explains how natural light and ventilation make horse barns healthier; Hill Goedhart, Frank Bausmith, and Pedro Echeverria of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs share how their mounted enforcement unit is dealing with crime in the area’s many parks.

7/25/15 hour 1

Dental care for performance horses. Equine vet and dentist Richard Vetter describes his program of Performance Equine Dentistry and how it is helping equine athletes be their best. 7/25/15 hour 2

Autism and horses. Dr. Temple Grandin explains why people with autism connect in a special way with horses; Jason Goodman describes life on the road with the Priefert Texas Thunder Hitch.

7/18/15 hour 1

Square pen, bamboo pole; the Parker Ranch. Clinician Jim Rea shares how the late John Sharp used a square pen and bamboo pole to gentle mustangs; Willow Smart reflects on her family’s ranching legacy, the Parker Ranch in Hawaii.

7/18/15 hour 2

Types of western saddles; thermal imaging used on horses. Champion trainer Al Dunning explains why western saddles differ in their design; Peter Hopkins discusses infrared thermal imaging as it applies to diagnosing equine health problems.

7/11/15 hour 1

Arthritis in horses; riding with your mind. Outspoken California vet David Ramey offers his take on arthritis in horses; British legend Mary Wanless shares her thoughts on the mental aspects of riding.

7/11/15 hour 2

Cattle drive audio diary. In 2002, Rick rode on a Montana cattle drive with an international group of city slickers. Their daily reflections made for a classic and sometimes very funny episode.

7/4/15 hour 1

Inmates gentling mustangs; using herd mode. Hank Curry talks about the horsemanship program at a Nevada prison; Richard Shrake reveals how the leadership dynamic in herds can be used in training.

7/4/15 hour 2

What it takes to be a successful dressage rider. Olympian Sandy Howard shares her thoughts on succeeding at dressage and fields questions from an expo audience.

6/27/15 hour 1

Self-carriage in gaited horses; fixing Western Pleasure. Tennessee trainer Moses Woodson explains how he teaches gaited horses to carry themselves in balance without leaning on the bit; Western Pleasure champ Dana Hokana offers pointed criticism of her sport and thoughts on how to improve it.

6/27/15 hour 2

Fox hunting western-style; Jonathan Field. Lynn Lloyd of Red Rock Hounds in Reno, Nevada explains how her club has adapted fox hunting to the terrain and critters of the West; Canadian superstar Jonathan Field shares his thoughts on foundation training for horses and riders.

6/20/15 hour 1

Joint supplements for horses. Tom and Dominic Malloy pitch their premium equine joint supplement, Q-Joint; Drs. Marit Arana, Tania Cubitt, and Connie Larson introduce the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists.

6/20/15 hour 2

EndoTapping; food bank for  horses. Dressage expert J.P. Giacomini explains how a simple stick with a rubber ball attached can be used to relax a horse and prepare him for learning; Juliana Lehman talks about the horse food bank she started in Colorado and how it is helping horse owners through tough times.

6/13/15 hour 1

Horse that eats on the trail; colt-starting mistakes. John Lyons fields questions from an expo audience; Mike Kevil reveals the five mistakes most often made in starting colts.

6/13/15 hour 2

Problem solving with Join-Up®. Monty Roberts explains the core concept of his horsemanship and how it can be used to address behavior problems.

6/6/15 hour 1

Leave No Trace riding; stallion problems. Terry Tryon offers his thoughts on common sense horsemanship and sharing the back country with other users; Dan Sumerel gives suggestions on handling stallions and maintaining control at liberty.

6/6/15 hour 2

Ranch sorting; feeding your horse like a horse. Dave Wolfe introduces the Ranch Sorting National Championships; Dr. Juliet Getty simplifies equine nutrition.

5/30/15 hour 1

Positive horse training. Sarah Blanchard explains why saying “yes” to your horse can be a powerful tool.

5/30/15 hour 2

Your first back country trip with horses. Professional packer Phil Page offers tips on getting it right.

5/23/15 hour 1

Solving four common problems using horse psychology. Lee Smith shares strategies that make sense to the horse; Cherry Hill explains how to use long-lining and longeing with English and western horses.

5/23/15 hour 2

The real Tom Dorrance. Dorrance protégé John Saint Ryan shares his experiences with the great natural horseman and sheds light on classic Dorrance principles.

5/16/15 hour 1

A horse that paints. Careen Cain explains how her horse came to be a professional painter whose canvases help raise money for horse charities; Clint Wade talks about investing in bucking bulls

5/16/15 hour 2                

Horses heal motorcycle crash victim; emergency procedures for trail riders. Norine and Bill Hodges share what horses meant to Bill during his 10-year recovery from a devastating motorcycle accident; Angelia Robinette-Dublin and Jenny Lance explain how trail riders can safely apply the one-rein stop, cavalry stop, and emergency dismount.

5/9/15 hour 1

Bitless bridle; Navajo training methods. Shawna Dalke introduces the next generation of bitless bridles; Art Yazzie shares his and his elders’ unusual horse training methods.

5/9/15 hour 2

What your horse’s head can tell you about his personality. Linda Tellington-Jones explores the correlation between head shape and proportion, and trainability.

5/2/15 hour 1

State-of-the-art equine hospital. Dr. Grant Myhre describes what it’s like to operate a referring vet hospital; Dr. Jack Magruder talks about his career in education and love of Haflinger horses.

5/2/15 hour 2

Jumping is dressage; Charles de Kunffy’s ordeal. Dressage icon, Charles de Kunffy, explains how to give horses what they want most on the flat or over fences, and shares his experience of Soviet oppression in post-war Hungary.

4/25/15 hour 1

Improve your riding with the shoulder-in; trick training for horses and zebras. Olympic coach, competitor, and clinician, Jane Savoie, deconstructs the time-honored shoulder-in maneuver; Sammi Jo Stohler discusses the method she uses to teach tricks to her stallion and zebra.

4/25/15 hour 2

What reining judges want to see; the Blazer Horse. Judge and rider, Dr. Tim Bartlett, reveals the secret to improving your reining score; Lou and Donna Kelleher introduce a tough and versatile American breed, the Blazer Horse.

4/18/15 hour 1

Changing behavior in horses and dogs. Author, trainer, and behaviorist, Brenda Aloff, explains how you can change what your horse or dog does.

4/18/15 hour 2

Teaching kids natural horsemanship; 12-year-old phenom Lizzy Traband. Andrea Lyle introduces her book “Me and My Horse;” precocious horsegirl Lizzy Traband talks about her demonstrations and DVDs.

4/11/15 Hour 1

Back stories of famous Mixer horse portraits; the scientific basis of natural horsemanship. In a rare 2001 interview, the late Orren Mixer shares how his best-known paintings came about; Dr. Jennifer MacLeay reveals the science in NH.

4/11/15 Hour 2

Training horses in the vaquero tradition. Patrick Hooks explains his approach to the hackamore system.

4/4/15 Hour 1

Awesome horse photos; horse rescues. Internationally renowned equine photographer, Tim Flach, shares how and why he photographs horses as he does; Nancy Jones talks about the joys and challenges of running a horse rescue in Hawaii.

4/4/15 Hour 2

The endangered Nokota Horse. A versatile and historic American breed is on the verge of extinction. Frank Kunst and Dr. Castle McLaughlin explain. Then, it’s Carole Herder on the role hoof boots play in keeping horses comfortable.

3/28/15 Hour 1

The caisson horses of Arlington. Farrier Robert Brown describes the challenges of keeping the nation’s most visible ceremonial horses healthy. Then it’s Jane Switzer on Rowdy, the Mustang and Lynn Webb on riding vacations.

3/28/15 Hour 2

Jim Masterson has the touch horses love. The Masterson Method integrates multiple bodywork modalities to release the braces horses carry. The result is a horse that feels better and performs better. Jim explains.

3/21/15 Hour 1

The world’s smartest horse.  Karen Murdock introduces Lukas, a rescued race horse with human-like problem-solving abilities reminiscent of Beautiful Jim Key. 

3/21/15 Hour 2

Horses helping victims of 9/11. Larry Pariseau from The Family Equestrian Center explains how horses facilitate healing. Also, Rob Morin on soring Tennessee Walking Horses and NH clinician Chelsie Kallestad.

3/14/15 Hour 1

The best Aussie horseman you’ve never heard of. The human curry comb, advance and retreat, the control pull. The horse-handling methods of Kell B. Jeffery were new in his time but are commonplace today. Rick and Clinton Anderson provide the full story.

3/14/15 Hour 2

Managing a performance horse. Eleven-time world champion barrel racer, Charmayne James, and Dr. John Byrd share strategies for keeping your equine athlete at the top of his game.

3/7/15 Hour 1

Treating respiratory diseases; controlling a horse’s stress. Art Hughes explains how the Vibra VM uses sound to help horses breathe better; Barbara Wright introduces Equine Stress Control Therapy.

3/7/15 Hour 2

Rocky Mountain Horses – light or draft breed? Breeder Annette Gerhardt reveals what makes this gaited breed different from the rest.

2/28/15 Hour 1

Building an efficient barn; equine dentistry. Author Cherry Hills offers five tips for making your new barn easy to use; equine dentist Todd Williams debunks myths and misunderstandings about horse teeth.

2/28/15 Hour 1

Kitty Silverwings, the Miracle Horse

Patti Ansuini shares the inspiring story of an Appaloosa foal that overcame a devastating birth defect to become a champion show horse.

2/21/15 Hour 1

What horse gestures mean

Monty Roberts explains the language of Equus, and how we can put it to use.

2/21/15 Hour 1

Is 90% of disrespect in horses due to pain?

Equine problem solver, Ed Crothers, joins Rick to defend his contention that bad behavior in horses is nearly always caused by pain. Rick has a slightly different view ...

2/14/15 Hour 1

Retracing’s Coronado’s search on horseback; the Monster of Florence

Best-selling thriller author, Douglas Preston, talks about his real-life horseback journey across the American Southwest retracing Coronado's search for the fabled Seven Cities of Gold, plus his latest non-fiction book about a serial killer in Italy, soon to be a major motion picture starring George Clooney.

2/14/15 Hour 2

Managing carbs in your horse’s diet; the Myler Combination Bit

Aussie feed expert, Martin Connell, addresses carbohydrate content in horse feed and Dale Myler explains how his popular combination bit work

2/7/15 Hour 1

Canada’s top horse whisperer; the Connemara Pony

Chris Irwin shares his horsemanship ideas with Rick, and Vicki Maris provides the back story of the remarkable Connemara Pony.

2/7/15 Hour 2

Doma Vaquero – the horsemanship of the Spanish cowboy

Oregon horse trainer, Alice Trindle, joins Rick to talk about the Spanish cowboy and his use of la Garrocha in handling cattle.

1/31/15 Hour 1

Round pen training from a wheelchair

Veteran horseman, Michael B. Richardson, shares how the automobile accident that put him in a wheelchair inspired his growth as a trainer, teacher, and rider. Special: the wheelchair and saddle he uses with horses.

1/31/15 Hour 2

Mechanical horse used in “Seabiscuit”

Eclipse Award-winning jockey and inventor, Frankie Lovato, Jr., talks about his ingenious mechanical horse, the Equicizer, which requires no electricity and accurately recreates the riding experience for instruction and exercise. SPECIAL: how the Equicizer was used in filming “Seabiscuit.”

1/24/15 Hour 1

Three ways people learn horsemanship

"Horsemanship for Women" clinician, Karen Scholl, explains how gender affects the way people learn to train and handle horses.

1/24/15 Hour 2

Riding across America; natural horsemanship in Brazil

Adventurer Bernie Harberts talks about riding coast to coast with just a mule and pony, and circumnavigating the globe alone in a small boat. Then, veterinarian and horseman Fernando Rolim shares his mission to bring natural horsemanship to his native Brazil.

1/17/15 Hour 1

Train your horse like the police do

Veteran law enforcement officer and natural horseman, Rod Bergen, describes how Los Angeles police horses are trained.

1/17/15 Hour 2

Nutraceuticals for horses

Rick gets the back story of Omega Alpha naturopathic health products for people and horses from the company's founder, Dr. Gordon Chang.

1/10/15 Hour 1

Wrangling horses in Hollywood

Animal trainer and actress, JoAnn Dawson, takes Rick behind the scenes of her work managing animals on movie and TV sets. She also shares her thoughts on the epidemic of childhood obesity and what she's doing to help.

1/10/15 Hour 2

Trailer loading; riding the Continental Divide

Craig Cameron shares his method of loading a horse in a trailer; former Minnesota governor, Al Quie, recounts his ride from Canada to Mexico.

1/3/15 Hour 1

What you don’t know about Cavalia; the CorrecTOR pad

Normand Latourelle and Frederic Pignon of Cavalia talk about the origins of this Cirque du Soleil spinoff and the challenges of training the horses for a live show set to live music. Then, inventor Len Brown of Ortho-Flex fame talks about distributing saddle pressure.

1/3/15 Hour 2

Pat Parelli; Leslie Nielsen

Rick shares one of his earliest interviews with natural horsemanship visionary, Pat Parelli, and an in-studio chat with the late funnyman, Leslie Nielsen.

12/27/14 Hour 1

Emotional Freedom Technique; hunter/jumper judging and course design

Dressage great, Jane Savoie, shares her thoughts on developing a winning attitude and use of the Emotional Freedom Technique; Mike Nielsen talks about judging hunter/jumper classes and designing jumping courses.

12/27/14 Hour 2

Five biggest mistakes in starting colts

Rick talks to Road to the Horse champion Richard Winters about what people often do wrong when starting their colts.

12/20/14 Hour 1

Classical dressage with a natural horsemanship mindset

Legendary dressage master, Walter Zettl, explains how NH aligns with classical riding, and how that differs from modern dressage.

12/20/14 Hour 2

Chilean Horse

Rick learns about the Chilean Horse from Randall Ray Arms.

12/13/14 Hour 1

German vs. American dressage; Reiner Klimke

Ron Postleb explains the difference between dressage in Germany and the United States, and remembers his mentor, Dr. Reiner Klimke

The Horse Show with Rick Lamb 12/13/14 Hour 2

Checklist for buying a horse; new thinking on founder

Rachel McCart shares things to keep in mind when buying a horse; Hoofcare expert K.C. LaPierre reveals new thinking on founder.

12/6/14 Hour 1

Certified Horsemanship Association; Joe Camp’s journey

Rick gets the lowdown on the Certified Horsemanship Association from Julie Goodnight. Then author Joe Camp talks about making the "Benji" movies and his latest obsession, horsemanship.

12/6/14 Hour 2

No Shenanigans Horsemanship; a new saddle tree design

Rick gets to know up-and-coming NH clinician, Justin Mundt, and learns about an innovative saddle tree design from Vernon Purdy.

11/29/14 Hour 1

One-rein stop; Trail of Painted Ponies project

Rick explains the why and how of the one-rein stop, and when it is most likely to fail. Then Diana talks to sculptor, Star Liana York, about the Trail of Painted Ponies project.

11/29/14 Hour 2