Curious about Microlearning?

Short, hyper-focused learning videos for smart phones are my specialty. Scroll down for more.

What Research Tells Us

People learn better from words and pictures than words alone.

Videos of one to two minutes are most effective.

77% of all Americans rely on smart phones for information.

More about Microlearning

It's based on science.

Learning with short video has been studied extensively and its benefits are supported by many research studies.

It allows mental multitasking.

The brain can process words and pictures at the same time, which keeps the learner more engaged and allows lessons to be shorter.

It can incorporate a variety of media.

Talking heads, interviews, doodle animations, narrated demos ... all are valid tools in microlearning.

It is devoid of extraneous content.

Every second in a microlearning video counts. There is no rambling or off-topic sidebars.

It gives users control over the pace of their learning.

Learners can take all the time they need to catch up on mental processing between microlearning modules.

Sample - B2B Marketing

At a little more than a minute, this microlearning video does a great job of spotlighting a strategic service.

Sample - Retailer Training

This is one of 13 dealer help desk videos that teach retailers keywords, concepts, and product features in just two minutes.

Sample - Customer Education

In less than a minute, this how-to video teaches customers how to perform key tasks.

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I'm a writer, educator, and media producer with 270 microlearning videos to my credit. My mission is to help people become fabulously successful at what they do.

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