We make little videos to
explain your big ideas.

Engage your customers. 

Empower your team. 

Energize your brand.

What is Your Pain Point?

Whatever isn't working the way you'd like it to work is causing you business pain. Maybe you're having trouble simplifying and communicating your message. Or landing and keeping customers. Or getting your employees to buy in to the training they need. Whatever your pain, the first step in killing it is bringing in fresh eyes.

Fresh Eyes

You are emotionally invested in your brand. That's important. But it also interferes with seeing a remedy for your business pain. We bring a fresh perspective and use it with a powerful tool; microlearning video.

Uh, microlearning?

Microlearning is mobile-friendly video that is short - two minutes or less - and focused like a laser on a single topic.  It's a great way for you to share useful information with customers, train employees on the go, and give new life to your branding.  

With microlearning video you'll get your message noticed, understood, and remembered in a world full of distractions.

Case Study #1: Demystifying a robot

When K-zell Metals invested in a state-of-the-art robotic welding system, they were instantly miles ahead of the competition. Their pain point was explaining it in layman's terms. We helped them do it with a 73-second video.

Case Study #2: Explaining Jargon

ADM Animal Nutrition had a problem with its feed dealers not understanding the jargon horse owners use. A series of two-minute videos utilizing unscripted discussion and emphasis on key words and concepts helped reduce the pain.   

Case Study #3: Advice and promotion

The Farnam Companies wanted to offer customers useful advice and product information in a package that would grab and hold attention. The one-minute FASTip was an effective painkiller and became the go-to format for content marketing and product rollouts.

About Rick Lamb, Ph.D.

I'm a writer, educator, and media producer. My mission is to help you ease your business pain. 

I've written three books, earned four degrees, and created thousands of audio and video productions since 1977.

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